D and D Plumbing: HVAC Mistakes

By: DavidPage

This year, October has Halloween and Friday the 13th. Although October is the most frightening month on the calendar it doesn’t mean it has to be terrifying for your plumbing or HVAC system. D and D Plumbing warns you about common plumbing flowing and HVAC errors that can haunt you throughout October and throughout the year.

  • Say “BOO” to these D and D Plumbing & Heating Mistakes
  • Dusty Air Filters are as Dusty As a Mummy’s Tomb

You can exterminate dust demons from your home by getting them out of the way. Your home will be free from allergens and dust if your filter is cleaned at least once a month.

Utility bills draining your D and D Plumbing bank account like a vampire

Fall is a great time to upgrade your HVAC and plumbing services systems to be more efficient. Extreme winter and summer temperatures can drain you of any extra money each month. D and D Plumbing can help you make your home more efficient by installing Energy Star(r), which appliances are similar to garlic to the vampiric utility providers.

Tap Water Quality = Swamp Thing Environment

Do you notice your tap water starting to smell strange? You might consider installing a reverse-osmosis system if your tap water is starting to smell a bit too swampy. You may be surprised to know that they also offer full-home units. This is the best way to purify water. No more muddy H20!

Hardware as Rusty As Frankenstein

Corroded hardware can cause major problems, whether it is around your HVAC unit or your dishwasher problems fixtures. Winter temperatures can cause pressure on pipes, and rusty hardware may make it more difficult to repair. You can replace the worn parts with newer ones. This can be requested by your D and D Plumbing technician during a seasonal inspection.

Horror Movie Hair in the Drains D & D Plumbing

Is your drain smelling like a graveyard? Or worse, do you expect a scary movie monster to crawl out of it? Hair, makeup, and other debris can build up over time and clog your drains. D&D can help you prevent this from becoming a nightmare.

Get rid of your filters right MEOW

Your filters do a great job keeping pet hair, fur, and dust from getting into your home. Pets indoors can cause air filter blockages. Pets can block airflow and make your HVAC system work harder to move air around your home. It can also increase your allergy symptoms.

It might seem like RUFF but keep your house and pets clean

Add deep cleanings to your home to-do list. Pets can bring in allergens such as dust and pollen. These allergens can be introduced to your home’s HVAC system, circulating through your home. Regular pet baths are also a good idea. You can keep your home cleaner by avoiding allergens in your pets.