How to use a “Molineux Food Processor”?

By: DavidPage

Guideline for Each Step

A molineux food processor is a great tool in the kitchen. It’s especially useful when you have to do tedious tasks like slicing, pureeing and grating. We know because we have used, tested, and retested many of these machines over the years in our kitchen. This means that we are quite familiar with how to make the most of this piece of kitchenware. The best molineux food processor advice, much like the tech itself is easy and straightforward.

There are no special tricks or twists required to achieve great results. However, whatever method you choose, we have listed the most common ones that we use. The following information will help you get started with your molineux food service processor.


It is obvious but essential to get your molineux food processor running. Plug it in to the mains. Unwind your cable, regardless of its model, and then plug it in. Make sure that the socket and plug are dry.

Step 1: Attach your jug to Base

Attach your jug next to the base. Most other models have a jug that fits over the central mechanism. The jug locks in place by twisting anti-clockwise. This is the only way to use the large main stand. This is where you can place a smaller subsidiary bowl on top of your main base.

Step 2: Select your attachment or blade

The results you are looking for will determine which attachment you use. The main blade, also known as the knife edge, is best if you are looking to chop, mix, mince, mash or puree. It is attached by pressing it into the central mechanism. However, it may take some wiggling to lock it in and give it a slight anti-clockwise twist. You can also attach slicing or grating disks to the disc support.

Step 3: Place the lid 

After you have fixed the secure attachment, it is time to attach the lid. If you plan to use the main blade, first add your ingredients to the bowl before you attach the lid to the top. To click in place, slide the lid around anti-clockwise with the funnel to your left.

Step 4: Turn it on Molineux Food Processor

Press the power button to start the motor and the movement of the discs or blades. If your model has a pulse function, you can use it instead of having the motor running constantly. You can press the on-and off button repeatedly until you get the desired texture.