By: DavidPage

One of Yakuza 0’s most rewarding and exciting features is the Real Estate Royale. This Yakuza 0 Real Estate Royale Guide covers everything you need to know about real estate, including the mechanics, staff and stores, as well as payouts. Although it is not immediately available, the Real Estate Royale feature of Yakuza 0 plays a crucial role in both the story and side content. To unlock the Real Estate Royale option, you must progress through the story to Chapter 6. You can’t miss it as it is an important part of Kriya’s story. Keep going until you unlock it.

Yakuza 0 Real Estate

While you can play the Real Estate agents minigame, if you are looking for big money to buy all the skills you need, you should visit the shrine to purchase all the CP skills under business.

Although the Real Estate mini-game may seem daunting at first, it becomes very easy once you get used to it. Do not rush. After you have the opportunity to participate in Real Estate Chapter 6, pick up some properties and get the basics. Then, dive into the more costly elements. This guide will teach you everything you need in order to reach the billion Yen mark quickly.

Yakuza 0 Real Estate Royale Guide – Money Battles

Sometimes you may be challenged to a Money Battle. One of the billionaires will attempt to retake the property. The Leisure King, for example, will continue to try and seize areas within the Leisure King Area until your 100% share is achieved. He can then be defeated in battle. Managers and Financial Savvy can use this as a tool. Only when you are inside the Real Estate office’s Agency Menu, a Money Battle will occur. The prompt will warn you about the Money Battle.

Royale Guide – In Trouble

Sometimes you may be presented with an “In Trouble” warning when trying to collect your profits. This is visible on the business screen under the pause menu. This will freeze all progress on the Payout Meter, and prevent you from collecting the profits until the problem has been resolved. Check the map if you get an In Trouble warning. The trouble spot will be marked with a large red icon.

You’ll quickly learn the trouble spots in each area. Although the difficulty level is random, it’s always a fight against several enemies. You won’t find it difficult to defeat them all, so get out of their way as soon as you can. These problems do not occur once you have dominated a territory.