What are the benefits “Diamond Real Estate”?

By: DavidPage

Diamond Real Estate is a rare, precious, mysterious, beautiful and magical token of love. While diamonds are a safe investment, they can also be a source of luxury, beauty, belonging, passion, and love. You won’t find a better financial investment than diamonds.

A recommended investment mix for difficult times is:

  • 1/3 real estate
  • Fixed-interest securities at 1/3
  • 1/3 Movable assets/commodities (e.g. diamonds)

Diamond Real Estate is especially well-suited for movable assets/goods because they have some

These are the most important benefits:

  • Protection against inflation and market collapse. Currency reforms
  • Anonymity (no registration required)
  • Proof of bankruptcy
  • Convertibility worldwide, which means that diamonds and gold are the only alternative currency accepted internationally.
  • Value gains are exempt from taxes (= no tax on betterment).
  • Maintenance costs are almost non-existent
  • It is very prestigious
  • Price independence – Prices are not subject to government laws. Diamonds will therefore retain their value even in recession.
  • Strong price performance – diamonds have historically performed well in economic and price slumps

Don’t forget that Diamond Real Estate can be a lasting legacy of emotional value.

A (world) war can devalue any currency. Real estate can lose its value. New technologies can replace resources. Competition can ruin companies. But nothing can systematically reduce the long-term value of diamonds. Although most of the world’s diamond mines are now known, diamonds will continue to be scarce over time, just like any other natural resource. This is the main reason diamonds have a long-term value that will increase in value.

Is it a good investment to buy diamond jewellery?

This question will be frowned upon by anyone from the previous generation. They can’t be blamed. We considered yellow gold, which is pure yellow gold, to be the best investment choice for a long time. Most jewellery with gemstones, such as earrings and diamond rings, are made from gold of lower carattage such as 18kt or14kt. It never caught the attention of smart investors. However, they deemed it foolish to invest in any other asset than gold. However, people have changed and so has their investment habits.

Are you looking to invest in precious jewellery? If so, you should consider making diamonds part of your investment portfolio. According to industry experts, diamonds can provide good returns. They have seen a steady price increase in recent years. They have their pros and cons, just like any other investment. These are important considerations for investors who want to make the most of their investments. Before you decide to invest in diamond jewellery, here are the facts.

What are the risks and benefits of investing in diamond real estate jewellery?

There are downsides and risks to diamond jewellery as an investment, despite all its benefits.

Price transparency: This is the first. There is a price index for commodities like gold that you can use, but it doesn’t exist for diamonds. The market, which is based on demand and supply, determines the price of diamonds.

Inadequate tradability: This is the second danger of purchasing diamonds as investments. It is much easier to buy diamond jewellery than it is to sell them. Although some companies will buy them, the price they are willing and able to pay for them may be less than what you paid.