Why Wicker Furniture Withstands The Hands Of Time and is Not Just A Mode

By: DavidPage

Why Wicker Furniture Withstands The Hands Of Time and is Not Just A Mode


It is hard to imagine a time when the use of wicker was an integral part of society. Wicker was used from the beginning of time to create baskets, furniture, and other decorative items. The people have been able to appreciate the ease as well as the warmth and beauty of wicker products. Today, the situation has not changed much. The majority of people are still looking for products made of wicker that can make a warm and elegant living space. They also want lightweight, durable furniture that is easily transportable and is able to be changed in accordance with the changing needs of decor.

History of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was in use for hundreds of years ago and is still in use today. The most interesting part is that it’s still one of the most sought-after kinds of hand-crafted furniture. Unlike many other types of furniture the wicker furniture is made by hand, not machine. Modern resin wicker is made with metal frames, which could be described as an exceptional case. Machine tools are employed to bend and join frames. This is similar to how natural wicker furniture is bent by rods made of rattan. But, they are created by hand and not by machines.

At first natural wicker was employed for furniture made from organic materials. Today, man-made resins take the place of natural fibers to produce outdoorfurniture that is weatherproof.

Classical Designs

From the very beginning of time, the design of wicker has not changed. Classical designs were straightforward in their nature. Weavers, who were skilled artists, created furniture with beautiful curves and twists. Some were simple designs and others were intricate, magnificent artworks.

Modern Designs of Today

Today’s designs are a little more trendy to satisfy the demands of modern homes and patios. People want furniture that will be attractive, functional and last for for a long time. Resin wicker furniture is gaining a foothold and has begun to take over the natural wicker market of the past. The latest resins are long-lasting, easy-to-maintain, and tidy. This is a shift from the days of. Flat wicker cane has become an instant hit, giving a new feel and look over the traditional round cane. Even the thicker cane has taken on a new dimension with beautiful hand-crafted designs that attract old-timers as well as young adults. While new patterns are out there, many of the classic designs remain and are desired by traditionalists.

The Price

Wicker products used to be cheap and even considered “cheap” at times. Wicker is now a high-end product that is handmade and people are more interested in it. People want to make sure their investment is not only high-quality, but also affordable. You’ll be satisfied if you choose a high-quality product, regardless of its nature.

Comparing apples with apples is a good way to compare when you shop. Advertising could be misleading in a variety of ways. Take the time to look over the information and ask questions.

One store may sell the same sofa at $200 less than another. They look almost identical at first glance. If you look further, you find that the cushions from the one store aren’t the best as they use less desirable fabrics for the cushions, the cushions are two inches thinner than the other store and the fabric used in the cushions is 100 percent Dacron instead of the urethane foam. The set that is less expensive is likely to be worn out more quickly and require be replaced at more expensive cost than the set of higher quality.

The country where it was manufactured could also influence the cost. Wicker produced in the USA tends to be more expensive than those produced overseas. Items produced in the USA tend to be of high quality. It is recommended to look for items that are made in America if it is something you want to buy.

The Trend

The use of synthetic or natural Wicker furniture remains a common and desirable way to furnish the inside of your house as well as your porch or your patio. Many people prefer handmade high-quality items as well as the appearance of handwoven wicker furniture. It’s not likely that the fashion of designing their homes using Wicker furniture is going to change.