The Winter Season is Here! Time to Put Your Outdoor Furniture in Storage! Wicker Furniture

By: DavidPage

The Winter Season is Here! Time to Put Your Outdoor Furniture in Storage! Wicker Furniture


The furniture you have for your outdoor will last longer if it isn’t frequently used or being used in the winter months when it is cold. This will help prevent normal degradation. Outdoor wicker furniture was made to be used outdoors. It is recommended to give your furniture more attention every year Home Improvement to ensure its appeal and endurance. Your wicker furniture is best stored in a cool, dry space far from direct sunlight. This could be a great investment by extending the lifespan of your furniture with wicker by years.

Wicker Furniture Components

Outdoor furniture made of wicker has been created with elements that are able to be used in all kinds of weather. The design is made up of a resin that does not change color or become hard from years spent outdoors and metal frames that are designed specifically to resist deterioration from the elements. However, nothing lasts for the duration of time. Therefore, having an complete knowledge of resin wicker can aid you in preserving your furniture.

  • Resin Wicker Components
  • Resin Wicker is made up of three parts.
  • Resin Cane
  • Metal Frame
  • Outdoor Cushions
  • Resin Is Susceptible

How long each component lasts is dependent on the composition of the component. The resin is the most important component. The resins of today are great, however, many are still susceptible to a few factors:

  • It is comprised of various resin components that give it durability and strength.
  • Without inhibitors, ultraviolet rays of the sun could cause the resin to degrade.
  • The temperature can affect shrinkage and expansion of the resin.

Storage Tips

Resin will break down faster and more easily when the composition of resin components is poor, which is what occurs with lower-quality resins. They are commonly referred to as “cheap” wicker set. They are more degradable than better resins when compared with those made with higher quality resins. It is not easy to prevent this either; storage alone will not stop the degradation over a long period of time.

Prevent any degradation of the quality of your resin wicker by keeping it from direct UV radiation in a moderate temperature. You should store your furniture inside because it is less likely to shrink because of extreme cold. The storage inside can reduce cracks within tightly wound areas or pull outs (cane that has been pulled away from its end due to the fact that it was too short to resist shrinkage and must be woven back in after it warms up again) within your Wicker furniture.


Make sure to store cushions in an air-tight, dry cool area, free from mice and pests. This will help reduce the fading process and damage caused by animals.

It is best to store your cushions and furniture in a basement or garage. If you aren’t able to do that, placing it in a shed or encasing it with a good cover is the best option.

Cleansing your furniture and storing it in a safe place for winter ensures that, when spring arrives the furniture is ready to be take back to the outside immediately.