Tips to Choose the Right Sewer Inspection Camera

By: DavidPage

An inspection of sewers can be enhanced by a borescope or videoscope. Our expert advice will help you choose the best video inspection equipment to inspect sewers. City Supply stocks high quality plumbing products and tools for both residential and commercial service. City Supply has grown to be one of North America’s most prominent online plumbing distributors after serving RIDGID seesnake customers in different locations throughout the US Southern States over the past 75 years.

The United States has a $3.6 Billion industry dedicated to drain and sewer cleaning. Both homes and cities need to have sewer inspections, cleaning, maintenance, and disposal.

These are some tips that will help you select the right camera to inspect sewers according to your project requirements:

Choose the essential characteristic

A waterproof material is one of the most important features to look out for when selecting an inspection camera for sewer pipes. The inspection camera should have an illumination option that can illuminate the darkest parts of the pipe. Make sure that the light source is sufficiently bright and waterproof. To prevent any degradation from sewage chemicals, you should make sure that the light and camera are chemical-proof. It is important to consider your budget and you may not need a sewer camera that has all the bells and whistles. Many homeowners and small businesses are searching for affordable sewer cameras that will do the job without breaking the bank.

Select the right length and diameter

The pipe inspection camera should have enough length to reach from one end to the other to check for blockages and damage. An extendable probe camera can be a great idea, as it allows you to reel it in and then roll it out when needed. It doesn’t matter how big the inspection camera is, as the pipes used to carry water and waste are often quite large. Systems that provide tilt and pan features at the camera’s head are another option. These systems typically have a polycarbonate dome that can be replaced with another dome. This allows the camera to rotate 360 degrees within the dome, allowing for a clear view of the inspection area.

High Quality Image Capturing and Savings Monitor Hub

Inspections of sewage pipes are done to identify areas that may have suffered damage or rusted over time. Inspections can also help identify blocked areas and clear them out. A quality monitor hub with high-resolution images of the inside of the sewer pipes is essential. A mentoring hub allows you to save images and pinpoint the location of any damage or blockage, which is essential for efficient maintenance and repairs.

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