How to care for your air conditioner

By: DavidPage

You will need to have your air conditioner repaired as a homeowner. Air conditioners are a great asset in the heat. Your AC unit can last for decades with proper maintenance. An unmaintained air conditioner can reduce efficiency by up to 5% per year. These are some ways to care for your air conditioner. Singapore aircon service company is a brilliant aircon servicing business based in Singapore that specializes providing Air Conditioning servicing & Aircon Installations in Singapore that covers all kinds of air conditioning units.

There are easy ways to maintain your AC unit’s efficiency. Here are seven easy ways to maintain your AC unit.

Reduce the plants around the AC Unit

Because outdoor air conditioners can be ugly, homeowners do their best to hide them. The most common ways to hide an AC unit are with fences, plants, or trellises. These air conditioners need adequate airflow.

All sides of the air conditioner must be clear of vegetation to ensure its efficiency. The unit should not be within three feet of any landscaping or other objects.

Regularly clean out leaves and other debris from the AC unit. To increase airflow, you can trim and chop bushes.

Clean out the Condenser Unit of Pollen and Other Debris

Many outdoor AC units are hidden. Most people neglect to clean the condenser units. This is a simple chore you shouldn’t neglect. Condenser draws air from outside into your home.

These units are often covered in pollen and other debris. This restricts airflow, which reduces cooling efficiency and causes the unit to heat up.

It is easy to clean the condenser. Use a gardenhose to clean the condenser from top-to-bottom.

Do not close any registers

The upper floor of a house with two stories is always warmer than its lower counterpart. Even though the central air conditioner runs, the temperature on the top floor is always higher than the lower one. The lower level can be closed to allow more air to flow up. Since hot air rises and cold air falls, the cold air will move the lower levels.

This can cause the AC unit to shut down. Do not close all registers. To balance the air temperature, vents should be kept slightly open. Also, make sure that the vents do not become blocked.

Regularly change the filters

The central air conditioner requires more than just enhancing airflow. Regularly changing the air filter system is a must. The filters should be changed approximately every ninety days. It is important to consider how long the AC has been running.

The filters should be changed frequently during hot months. It is easy to do as the old filters can be removed and the new ones installed.

Regular cleaning and replacement of filters can improve the air quality and extend the life of your AC unit.

To set temperatures, use a Programmable Thermostat

The less you use your air conditioner, the less it will wear down. An AC unit that can be programmed to adjust the temperature will use less energy. This increases the lifespan of your AC unit.

You will typically alternate between warm and cool temperatures during daytime. It is much more efficient to use an AC unit that can be programmable than to turn it off.