To Know About “Hermes Garden Party” Tote

By: DavidPage

The Everything You Need To Know About the Hermes Garden Party Tote

A handbag collection is not complete without a tote bag (… (or at least two or three). The Hermes Garden Party Tote is a standout, despite the fact that most luxury brands make them. Hermes is the ultimate luxury brand. The Garden Party Tote is still quite affordable in comparison to the usual price range of Hermes. At least, it is less expensive than the infamous Hermes trifecta of Birkin/Kelly/Constance.It is a popular Hermes product because of its versatility and practicality. We’ve already discussed the bag, but a new update is in order wood decorative on all things Garden Party Tote. So here you go, enjoy!

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  • Is it worth it

You might be thinking, there are many solid totes available from top brands like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. This bag could be for you if you are looking for Hermes craftsmanship in a tote.

The Garden Party Tote offers Hermes at an affordable price that you won’t normally see from the brand. It’s not only high quality, but also the label. The bag’s ‘blank canvas” design makes it easy to style for any occasion. Although the Hermes bag is not as well-known as the Birkin or Kelly, the bag still delivers on quality, functionality and looks.

The Tote is Worth Your Attention:

Hermes quality craftsmanship at a price that is not typical for the brand

The perfect entry-level bag for anyone who wants to feel Hermes without spending a fortune!

Excellent durability, especially the Canvas Material

The wide range of colors and materials makes it possible to find a Garden Party Tote that suits everyone’s needs (but more to come!).

The blank canvas design allows you to add your own flair to the bag by attaching twillies and bag charms to its handles.

The snap fasteners “Clou de Selle” on the sides allow for easy modification of the bag’s shape, allowing extra space.


The Hermes Garden Party is a traditional tote. The has one large, open compartment. It is functional and can hold all your stuff. The brand’s other bags boast sangles and clochettes, and locks. (Read: Hermes 101 Birkin V. Kelly to learn more about each part of a B or a K if you don’t know these terms!) The Garden Party Tote’s popularity is due to its simplicity and practicality. This is why it’s such an ideal bag for anyone on the go.

Some of the notable hermes garden party Features

  • Clou de Selle Snap Closure
  • Zippered Interior Pocket
  • Canvas Interior