Big “Fresno Fair Food” and Prices Leave

By: DavidPage

When it comes to Fresno Fair Food?

the first thing people think of is food. Fried food is a staple at Fresno Fair Food, especially fried. Deep fried is a great way to get almost any food you desire.

However, the problem is that fairs don’t have enough food for people who are looking for healthy choices. Many people today are more conscious of their vibrant health and want to eat healthy. It can be difficult to find healthy snacks or meals for those who are looking. It is almost impossible to find healthy options.

Unhealthy foods Include

Fresno Fair Food unhealthy foods include bacon-wrapped hotdogs, fried twinkies and funnel cakes. There are also 2-pound burgers, pizzas, fried chicken, and many other unhealthy items. Even vegetables are fried. There are even some unique fried items like fried Kool-Aid or fried frog legs at the fair.

There are far fewer healthy way Fresno Fair foods than the ones listed above, including fruit cups, chicken kabobs and rotisserie chicken, as well as some sandwiches, gelato, Greek salads, and chicken kabobs. It seems that there is nearly as much unhealthy food available as healthy options.

Many people go to the fair to enjoy the fried Fresno Fair Food, but also to try the different foods. It is important to remember that not everyone who goes there wants healthy food. People who go to the fair often go with their friends and families to socialize and have fun.


Fairgoers who are going to the Fresno Fair Food with their friends and family and wish to eat healthier should have more options than the current offerings. Only 13 of the 72 food vendors at the fair offer healthy options. This is a most significant drop of 18%. It was also apparent that only half of the 13 stands offering healthy options offered snacks. This makes it even harder to find healthy meals.

Prices are another Problem

Fresno Fair Food prices are another problem. The fair’s food prices are outrageous. Even a small meal can cost as much as $8. As I walked around, I found that food prices ranged from $10 to $12. I found that the highest price was $18 for a 2-pound cheeseburger. For example, let’s say you want to feed six people and each meal costs $8. That’s $48.