Brick Vs Stone Masonry: How to Choose for Your Home

By: DavidPage

Masonry adds charm and class to the exterior of your house, increasing curb appeal and value – making it a worthwhile investment worth exploring. When considering your options – such as stone vs brick – which one is best?

Top Notch Masonry & Contracting of Edmonton offers high-quality professional masonry services at competitive rates. Their experts explain the differences between stone and brick options and suggest which option would best fit the style and size requirements of your home: they make your choice easy!

Benefits of brick masonry

When compared with other materials, brick is an environmentally friendly material made up of shale and clay that’s both long-lasting and resilient, making it the ideal building material. Bricks also make great energy savers; providing warmth during winter months while blocking out extreme cold in summer – both saving energy and providing general ease of living benefits to any home. Furthermore, interior spaces that feature brick can add rustic and modern elements that complement each other nicely.

Considerations of brick

Brick is relatively straightforward to care for, while cement mortar used to secure it can be more challenging. Old or damaged mortar must be removed promptly in order to prevent further damages to bricks. Repairing mortar should also be completed promptly since brick typically comes in smaller sizes with limited color choices compared to other materials.

Benefits of stone masonry

Stone is one of the most coveted options available to masonry workers, and with good reason. As one of the strongest and most durable of all the masonry materials, it makes an ideal material choice both indoor and outdoor use. Stone’s strength reduces repair or damage costs as its long-lasting appeal doesn’t diminish over time. Furthermore, its versatile nature offers you various design possibilities such as colors, sizes, textures and customization – ideal for walls, walkways, exterior veneers as well as interior features like backsplashes in kitchen or feature walls in bathroom!

Considerations of stone

Installing stone can be an intricate and labor-intensive process; consequently the expense for installation may be higher; once complete it may last a longer time. Furthermore, unlike brick walls it does not act as a natural insulator like brick does so while houses will stay cool during summer days they won’t retain heat during winter nights as effectively. Furthermore, mining of stone increases environmental pollution; however repurposed stones could provide an alternative green construction option.

What is right for you?

There is no right or wrong choice when deciding between stone and brick as both will add worth and appeal to your property, making both solid investments. Your choice ultimately depends on personal preference; stone masonry tends to be more robust but more costly; brick has an antique appearance but limited styles compared to stone. Stone provides customizable elements while brick offers rustic charm; however if you need customizable elements then stone could be worth exploring; for low cost maintenance alternatives brick could be your perfect fit; both timeless materials make worthy investments regardless of which choice is chosen!