10 of the Best Designer Dot Wallpaper Ideas for you!

By: DavidPage

Wallcovering always gives a wow factor if you will add it to your interior, especially if you will be using contemporary and unique designs like dot wallpaper to your rooms and made from durable and branded wallpaper in the market.

Possibilities are endless as we always say if you opt to use wall covering instead of a plain and simple painting for your walls. You could be bold or simple but still stunning and fashionable in your own way. Don’t worry as many wallpaper shops offer discount wallpaper yet durable and the best choice when it comes to quality.

We have prepared a list of inspiring ideas below using dot inspired wallcoverings and make your revamp a standout.

1.  Classic Black and White

A simple and classic black and white wallpaper could bring a minimalist effect that may also perfectly fit the toddler’s room due to its playful effect. You may combine it with the same color palette of beddings and room accessories that will complete the look.

You should not also limit yourself in being creative and may use it to your master’s bedroom or for your adult child and give them a clean and bright looking place that is too perfect if they want to have a comfortable and cozy room.

2.  Bigger Shapes

Improve the look of any room and create a different style of welcoming feeling for your guest using big dots that is not too overpowering and still blends in with your furniture at home. It is a mesmerizing view to combine colorful dots that connect with your choices of colors to your furniture.

3.  Upside Down

One of the abilities of wallcovering is to give you an impeccable look for your walls and show your personal touch in every corner of them. This type of dot wallpaper design is one of those contemporary designs that should be on your list.

These geometric dots can make your room more playful and welcoming. It could also be a good idea to have a fashionable accent on your ceiling.

4.  Fashionable Dining Area

Your pantry area and even the dining room of your apartment also needs a stylish yet simple revamp. No worries as this two-toned dot wallpaper can help you with that. It is a fresh finish and minimalist style that could bring peace and comfort while you’re eating a delicious meal you prepared for the day.

5.  Playful Dot Wallpapers

If you need playful wall designs for your nursery rooms, polka dot wallpaper is a perfect option you should take. You could use its friendly style and simplicity to create a more comfortable and perfect space for your kids. Check some designs that feature Phillip Jeffries wallpaper collection that is truly stunning at the same time fun like this polka dots themed wallpaper.

6.  Frame It

Another beautiful wall art using polka dot wallpaper. This could be hanged in your hallways or the living room as an accent wall in your interior. There are lots of dot inspired wallpaper designs to choose from, you could easily incorporate it with the type of furniture you have in your house and the color palette you currently have.

7.  Polka-inspired Washroom

Make it more unique and add a personal touch to your bathroom or powder room that will leave a wow factor to your guest. You could use a plain and simple dot wallpaper design and create a minimalist finish to it. The image above shows how you could play with polka dots style and make your space more elegant than ever.

8.  Chic and Cozy

This kind of polka dot design gives a fanciful and trendy style, especially for someone who wants to be more confident and relaxed ambiance while working at home. It is perfectly fit with comforTable and fresh furniture designs.

9.  Subtle Polka Dot Accents

A nice accent wall creation using dot wallcovering for your teenage kids. A black and white-colored pattern is a perfect pair for your white and pink color palettes that will bring a calm and cozy ambiance, particularly for a girl’s room.

10. Fun Office Space at Home

A whimsical experience for your office space is a great idea using different sizes of dots in your wallpaper. A home office with such design could bring energy and create a playful transformation to any simple space at your home. It also gives an additional accent to balance and a simple home office that you will surely love.